Fulfil orders + Grow business = Supplier finance

Say ‘yes’ to larger orders, even if you do not have the capital to pay your supplier straight away! Ashley pays your supplier upfront and recoups the money you’re owed.

Supplier finance (sometimes known as Purchase Order finance) can be used as a bolt-on to an ongoing Ashley Invoice Finance Facility.

Supplier Finance in 3 Easy Steps

Apply online

Tell us what you need and we’ll make an offer

We say ‘yes’

The funds are released to pay your supplier

Job done

Just supply the order + invoice your customer as normal

What type of businesses benefit?

Supplier Finance really helps start-ups and businesses with a growing order book. It works well for wholesalers, producers, distributors and seasonal businesses who may not consistently generate steady, year-round revenue.

Why Ashley Supplier Finance?

  • You can accept larger orders and build a bigger customer base
  • Funding will be in place within days not months
  • You always meet your customer’s expectations & deadlines
  • Use Supplier Finance as and when needed, it’s funding on tap
  • Paying a Supplier promptly helps future discounts/benefits
  • Doesn’t matter if you have a weak credit rating, we look more at your customer’s track record
  • We work with local and international suppliers

Minimum criteria

If you tick these boxes, you should be good:

  • Supplier/customer needs to have an adequate credit score
  • You’re preferably a homeowner
  • Your business is based in England or Wales
  • Personal Guarantee may be required