Get paid now + Repay us later = Factor plus

We’ll give you an advance on your unpaid invoices now and you simply repay it through an on-going invoice finance facility or direct debit, whatever you prefer. Your fund advance can be renewed or topped up, so you always have fast funding on tap. And you’re never caught short!

Factor Plus in 3 easy steps

Apply online

A quick and simple application to get cash quickly

The money’s yours

The funds in your account + cash released against your invoices

Repay as you’re paid

Repayments begin and top-ups are available if needed

What type of businesses benefit?

Our factor plus funding has helped all kinds of companies from different industries including; manufacturers, logistics, haulage, recruitment agencies, security firms, engineering teams, electrical contractors and even taxi firms.

Why Ashley Factor Plus?

  • 100% financing (most other provider’s offer 85%)
  • Raise larger cash lump sums as and when you need it
  • Funds can be topped up or renewed throughout the facility
  • The repayments work along side the pace of your business
  • Payments are automatically deducted from your availability so you don’t have to worry about finding money each week for fixed repayments
  • We understand you need the money quickly. You’ll have an answer and the money quickly
  • 24 years experience of helping small businesses means we understand what helps you the most

Minimum criteria

If you have tick these three boxes, you should be good:

  • Your business sells on credit terms
  • You sell business to business sales
  • You’re based in England or Wales