Meet the Team – Matt Carey

Matt Carey

Name: Matt Carey

What area do you specialise in? Invoice Finance sales and operations

How long have you worked for Ashley Finance? 9 and a half years

How long have you worked in the industry? 12 and a half years

What is the best thing about your job? Meeting new people everyday and helping their business succeed with our funding support.

Can you tell us about the most interesting deal you have worked on? I find all deals interesting as there are never two the same. One that stands out for me is when I managed to secure finance for a company just before Christmas. Their cash flow had come to a stop, so the funding was absolutely essential to keep the business afloat.

What do you think sets Ashley Finance apart from other lenders? We are different in what we have to offer. We focus on smaller SMEs and have a personal connection from start, during the sales process to finish, when our client managers and credit controllers take over. When we do come across problems we aim to find a solution and provide a A* service.

What are your predictions for the finance industry in 2018? With constant changes, it’s hard to comment. The need for funding  from alternative lenders will always be there, especially as banks become stricter and stricter with their lending.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you? When I was younger I wanted to be a zoo keeper or…. an alien!