What a difference funding makes………….

  • Lisa Mayers
  • 23 Mar, 2016

hands on cashSometimes an SME just needs a quick source of funding. Having the cash available can make the difference in being able to take on a larger job or having to turn it down because money is tied up in an unpaid invoice. Read how we have helped a client on a ‘need only’ basis….

A Midlands based business first approached us in 2013 when they wanted to explore what funding options were available to them. They had a sound business in the construction sector and generally for them their cash flow worked well.  But they wanted to be able to take on some bigger projects – and here lay the problem.  A large order would benefit the business long term and assist in their plans to grow – but how would they fund this order when they would have to wait 30+ days to get paid?

The answer came in the form of Single Invoice Finance as this was a simple, quick way of releasing 80% of the invoice value without waiting and without having to spend time chasing the payment in.

This method of funding was so successful for the business that the owner has come back on further occasions when they needed cash and wanted to take on a larger order, the most recent being a £32,000 invoice that funds were then released against.

If you would like to find out more about how to release funds from an invoice without a long term tie in contract, contact Ashley today.