Telegraph Article- SME Masterclass: How to factor your invoices

  • Anil Kanda
  • 02 Jun, 2014

An interesting read for any business looking into using Invoice Finance.  The article covers the importance of ‘knowing your options’ when deciding which provider to go with.

More traditional providers e.g. a high street banks will offer a more traditional Invoice Finance product for businesses who have many customers that take weeks and months to pay, however if you  have a customer who pays within 7 days without fail then you may incur an unnecessary fees. Alternative invoice finance companies can often provide a business with more varied solutions, to suit the needs of many different businesses.

Though we have been around 21 years, Ashley are always developing and enhancing our product offering. Besides having variations such as Confidential, Single Invoice Finance, Single Debtor and Selective Facilities, Ashley have recently  introduced Factor Plus where we  provide a straight forward loan that is repaid through an ongoing Invoice Finance facility.

Telegraph Article here: