Taking care of yourself as well as your business…

  • Sarah Greig
  • 27 Apr, 2018
Wellbeing for small business owners

It’s your business, you do almost everything and some days the ‘to do’ list is never ending. But what about you?  Are you on the list, or is looking after yourself something you simply never get round to?  Maybe it’s time to put your health and wellbeing closer to the top of the list, as without you, there would not be a business!


Clocking Off – Keep your working hours in check

Getting the right work/ life balance can be challenging, especially if you work from home, but it is important for your wellbeing to have definition between the two.  In our group survey, almost three quarters (72%) of business owners and managers were found to worry that their current work/ life balance is having a negative impact on their health.

Not seeing your family and friends and being constantly in work mode will eventually have an effect on you and your business, so it’s important to set the boundaries between work and home to allow quality time for both.


Don’t do it alone

Do you really have to do everything yourself?  Sometimes it is hard to let go of a task that you have always done, but for the sake of your sanity it is necessary to assess what is essential for you to do and what you can delegate, or, if you work alone, what can you outsource to ease the strain. Knowing where to turn for help with business is obviously an issue with almost two-thirds (60%) of the SME owners in our group survey saying that they feel there is not enough support for SMEs.

For some business owners it’s evident that running their business can be a lonely thing and can make them feel isolated in their day to day job. Look out for local business groups, where you can discuss issues and learn from other business owners.


Take a Break

It is ok to take time off and have a holiday when you are a business owner without feeling anxiety about leaving the business or letting people down.  Planning ahead where possible to give customers advanced warning will ensure there is minimal disruption and acceptance that this is normal business practice.

Getting the balance right to have time for yourself can be hard but is really important for wellbeing and productivity.  When questioned, 30% of business owners said they have found it hard to go to the gym and maintain their health regime and a further 1/3 have found it hard to eat healthily since starting a business.

Your business is your baby and in order for you to run it effectively you have to be in the best health physically and mentally, so don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself the ‘time out’ you need.  With 70% of SMEs worrying about the future and their health due to their work habits, it’s definitely worthwhile taking a break every now and again – time to refresh yourself physically and mentally and get ready for your next work challenge!


Celebrate the positives

Don’t get too engrossed in the negatives that you forget to celebrate all that is good with your business.  Being a business owner has its ups and downs so it’s important for you to highlight the positives and to shout about any successes you may have.  Sharing good results with your staff will have a positive effect on everyone and help with morale, it’s a great way to keep motivation levels up.  Remember that any success, however small, should be celebrated, don’t give yourself a hard time!

Working with SMEs for over 25 years, we at Ashley have learned about the pressure points that effect business owners and know that being in the thick of it can often make you lose sight of your own health and wellbeing.  Take the time and see the signs, put yourself first sometimes – your business and your family will thank you for it.