Single Invoice Finance – The unsung cash flow hero of small business

  • Anil Kanda
  • 10 Jul, 2013

Cash flow is the beating heart of any small business; and is the key component for growth and expansion. It is also no secret that in the current climate, businesses are struggling to obtain funding via traditional channels, and creating a cash flow catastrophe for many businesses.

Single Invoice Finance is an innovative new addition to the alternative funding market. It works on the premise that small businesses often need access to quick and easy short term cash without waiting  30-120 days for payment, but also do not want to tie into a lengthy financial contract.  Single Invoice Finance gives businesses the power to quickly raise cash against any single invoice of their choosing, as frequently or infrequently as they would like, with no long term contractual obligation.

The flexible, short term nature of this facility is particularly well suited to more seasonal business that may not generate the same amount of revenue all year round. Similarly, it works well for businesses that have one-off customers or generate large one-off orders.  It is also an easier method of funding for business owners who may have adverse credit, who otherwise may be declined.

Overall, Single Invoice Finance can be used for most businesses that need to quickly raise cash. It reassures business owners as it can be used ‘as and when’ without the hassle of completing time consuming paper work that may come with a contract. Obviously, this form of funding is slightly more expensive than a contractual invoice finance facility, therefore if a business finds themselves using single invoice finance increasingly often, It may be advisable to make the switch to a more long term invoice financing option.

For 20 years Ashley Commercial Finance Limited have been providing invoice finance services for all types of businesses and have helped thousands of businesses  boost cash flow and increase working capital. Our Single Invoice Finance facility, RaiseIt, has been helping many smaller businesses beat their cash flow blues by providing up to 94% of a single invoice value within a matter of hours and unlocking much needed short term cash.

Find out more about Single Invoice Finance from RaiseIt.