Sales Recruitment Finance – Not helped by banks

  • Anil Kanda
  • 28 Mar, 2012

Dear Ashley Commercial Finance,

I came into my agreement with Ashley Commercial Finance with a degree of reticence and worried about how things would pad out. I have to say my multi-national client has made a series of errors that has tested our relationship. However, I have to say that Jayne Merriman was a huge credit to your company even taking the time to write to me in detail at 8 pm because she knew I was worried. That kind of extra commitment is rare in this world especially for such a small customer as me and she deserves credit.

I do genuinely think you are trying to help me and that is excellent, shame the banks can’t do more to stimulate our world. I have already referred this story to a much bigger customer and I think he will come and use you. I also offer to act as a reference to anyone who wants to phone me on the mobile below or by email.

Kind regards

For privacy the name and company details are withheld but can be supplied on request.

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