Recent deals!

  • Anil Kanda
  • 17 Feb, 2016

Take a look at some of the recently agreed finance packages…


A happy shopper!

A £200,000 bridging loan has been paid out to an independent supermarket to allow it to complete the purchase of the business premise.

Safety in Growth
A fantastic success story for a businesses cash flow we’ve supported since 2013.  The security firm had difficulty securing funding with other lenders, but we were happy to help with an invoice finance facility and have funded their growth to such an extent they have now been ‘safely’ passed over to our sister company who service larger turnover clients.  Success!

Creative cash! 
A marketing company has been paid a £35,000 business loan to invest in a new opportunity to generate more leads and convert their investment into profit!

Building its portfolio
£74,000 bridging loan paid out to a property developer as an extension on a current  facility.

‘Fixing’ the Flexible Funding!
A £70,000 funding line was set up for this maintenance & flooring company to assist cash flow.  The southern based business needed an invoice finance facility to ‘fix’ their finance and ‘look after’ their credit control

Laying foundations for success! 
A building suppliers have received a £20,000 cash advance, which will help them repay a previous facility and assist with the development of a new business premises.

No Strings Attached!
What do you do when you have a £40,000 invoice, but can not wait 30 days+ for the payment??  Well this northern based security firm contacted us and we funded, collected the payment in – all with no long term contract – that’s the flexibility of Ashley Single Invoice Finance!

5* cash flow!
£8,000 business loan paid to a pub/B&B to cover the cost of refurbishment and revamp their cash flow!