Pay-as-you-use Finance

  • Lisa Mayers
  • 20 Jan, 2016
Illustration depicting a roadsign with a cash flow concept. Blue sky background.

Often business owners struggle with their day to day cash flow, ensuring they have enough cash to cover bills, pay wages, buy supplies.  Finance facilities can be daunting and a bit like stepping into the unknown, with business owners not really understanding what options are available to them. The fear factor of being tied to a long term contract is often enough to stop them from taking an enquiry to the next stage.

Pay-as-you-use Finance (also known as Single Invoice Finance offers a solution for SME’s by unlocking funds against an unpaid an invoice, but only as and when they need it!  So there is no long term tie-in, no paying fees for a facility they don’t need, just short term cash for the business when the need arises.

At Ashley we know that offering just one finance product does not suit every business.  Clients are looking for quick, simple, transparent funding as and when needed, and that’s why we offer this solution.  Talk to us today without obligation and see how Ashley’s Pay-as-you-use Finance can free up the cash in your business without a long term commitment.

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