Help for smaller business from Ashley

  • Anil Kanda
  • 10 Jun, 2011

We are here to help smaller businesses who normally raise a small number of invoices and can from time to time find trading conditions difficult. They can have a small number of customers, if one doesn’t pay on time then it can make things very tough creating cash flow problems.

Such businesses usually need more support and our expert team may be able to help you. Recognising the financial pressure that small businesses can suddenly find themselves under, Ashley Commercial Finance will work closely with you and look to provide the funding you need within a matter of days.

When money is tight and the banks say no we can usually say yes, it does no harm to ask and will cost you not a cent if we are able to quote you, there are no charges at this stage.

Ashley Commercial Finance have been providing invoice finance services for all types of businesses since 1994. We have over 300 clients across a vast range of businesses including commercial printers, security guards, taxis, temporary staff agencies, recruitment.

Ashley are the friend of the smaller business in good times and bad!

Call us or Start an application now so we can give you a FREE no obligation quote for your small business, we can even give you a FREE Callback and start enjoying the Ashley team support who will check your customers and chase your cash…

Lisa Mayers
Phone: 0161 233 6373