Has your credit insurance been withdrawn or reduced?

  • Anil Kanda
  • 16 Apr, 2009

More and more businesses are finding their safety net being removed increasing their chances of not getting paid. Suppliers to the retail sector are particularly hard hit. If you are a small business with a turnover up to £1.5 million annually then invoice finance may be useful when you can realise up to 90% of your invoice value in 24 hours – good for cash flow – while the balance will be chased by your chosen supplier. Ashley Commercial Finance offer this service and take the responsibility of collecting your cash through professional credit control. Don’t put your home at risk a bank will often require your home as security for an overdraft – this is not required for an invoice finance facility. Invoice finance is not credit insurance but for a small percentage you will get up to 90% right away and most of the balance on successful collection.

We can usually have an application up and running within 48 hours and you select the customers to finance which saves you money. Talk to Sharon Johnson on 0161 741 7429 or email your details to sharon.johnson@ashleyfinance.co.uk who can phone you back. You can also apply using our online form