Deals of the month!

  • Anil Kanda
  • 31 Mar, 2015

Take a Look at some of the finance packages we agreed in March:

  • A cut above A London-based meat wholesaler has secured a £65,000 invoice finance facility to keep its cash flowing and help it stay ‘a cut above’ the rest!


  • Help to clear tax arrears A sole trader who runs a vehicle repair workshop in Swindon has received a £20,000 business loan to clear HMRC and PAYE arrears and ease cash flow.


  • Cash helps firm stay in control A £50,000 invoice finance and business loan facility has been paid to a Liverpool-based control panel manufacturer to fund new contracts and support its growth.


  • Hair today, beauty tomorrow A hair salon is branching out into the beauty business with the help of a £17,000 cash advance. The funds will allow it to open a salon at a separate site.


  • Golf mag ‘on par’ for good year A £30,000 invoice finance facility and a £5,000 cash flow loan have been paid out to a Cheshire golf publication to keep its cash flow on ‘course’ for spring.


  • Grub’s up!  An importer and distributor of insect-based snacks has received a £15,000 business loan to fund the development of a cricket protein bar that is bee-lieved to have great health benefits!


  • Just the ticket A Kent company which specialises in air filtration and room fragrance systems has released £3,500 from a single invoice.


  • Thanks a bunch! A florist in Shepperton has secured a £9,000 cash advance to help with marketing, increase stock and improve cash flow.


  • Funding call Is answered A £20,000 invoice finance facility and a £3,500 business loan have been paid out to a Manchester telemarketing company to fund its growth.