Can’t pay your business VAT due to lack of funds?

  • Anil Kanda
  • 18 Mar, 2013


Ashley Business Cash – is the new way to raise cash for your business painlessly. A Business Cash Advance sometimes referred to as merchant cash advances is a fast cash injection for your business, and a great alternative to a small business loan.

As long as your business fulfils our criteria you should be able to get a cash advance which is paid back from your future credit/debit card sales via your PDQ merchant terminal usually over 6 months.

A Business Cash Advance is the perfect short term cash injection, and compares much more favourably than a small business loan. It leaves you far less exposed to your bank – especially if you are comparing to an overdraft. Bank overdrafts can be called in at short notice, often forcing companies out of business! It costs nothing to Apply Now!