Asset based lending

  • Anil Kanda
  • 14 Dec, 2010

In addition to your sales ledger, does your business have capital tied up in equipment or plant & machinery? We could help turn these assets into cash, alongside your invoice finance facility.

It’s a cost-effective alternative for you to increase working capital without slowing growth or raising equity.

Benefits of asset based lending from Ashley

Asset based lending gives you fast access to working capital. With an eye on growth and your changing needs, the amount of finance grows in line with your assets.

It is inherently more flexible than traditional lending products a stable alternative to ease seasonal cash flow fluctuations. Asset based lending could also help you raise more credit than traditional lending options.

How Ashley asset based lending works

Asset based lending improves cash flow by leveraging against your assets. These assets can include your sales ledger, together with plant and machinery and equipment.

Our experts will work with you to decide which sources and mix of funding is most suitable for the future of your business.

Find out more

Asset based lending is only available as part of an invoice finance facility. Contact us by phone, email, Callback or Livechat and we will get back to arrange an appointment with a specialist in your area and develop a fully tailored quotation.