Ashley launch 100% Invoice Finance Funding!

  • Anil Kanda
  • 11 Jan, 2012

To help ease the pressure on small businesses in England and Wales we have launched 100% funding. Banks continue to starve small businesses of funding which enables their day to day running in very difficult conditions.

Ashley take care of chasing the people who owe you money and help to speed up slow payers. When your sales invoices are approved you will receive 100% funding to your bank account enabling you to pay yourselves, buy in stock or essential supplies and run your business knowing you have our service looking after the cash side freeing up your time to look after the work end and chase new customers.

Ask for a free callback, send us the form or phone during working hours for our fast friendly service, we understand the needs of small business and are known as ’the friend of small business in good times and bad, we are the SECOND BEST INVOICE FINANCE COMPANY IN THE UK.

If you need help ask for a free Callback or click the Livechat link above during working hours or contact us directly for an initial discussion:

Lisa Mayers
Phone: 0161 233 6373