Ashley Finance now accepting bridging finance applications up to £2million

  • Sarah Greig
  • 10 Feb, 2017

Ashley Finance is pleased to confirm that it has significantly increased its funding limit and can now consider applications for bridging finance up to £2 million.

This increase will enhance the current offering and open up the lending potential to allow for higher value propositions and invite more finance applications.

Liam Cavanagh, Ashley Bridging Operations Director comments: ‘Ashley Finance continues to make inroads into the bridging loan market, having increased our lending by over 350% in 2016, the next step is to increase our maximum lending from £500,000 to £2,000,000. 

This will not only allow our products to be offered to a broader range of businesses, but it will also allow our services to be utilised against the high value properties in and around London.’

Ashley’s lending criteria remain competitive, with loan terms from 1 month to 18 months and rates starting at 0.95%. The maximum loan-to-value (LTV) is set at 75%.

Liam adds: ‘We provide finance based on the open market value of the property, rather than the forced sale value, which maximises the borrowing potential for our clients. This is why a number of clients choose to work with Ashley.’ 

The bridging loans team provide a quick, simple and transparent application process, allowing those applying for funding to move quickly in time sensitive situations.

Already this year, Ashley Finance has approved a bridging loan valued at £800,000, for a property developer in the south of England. This higher level of funding will allow the developer to refinance an existing finance facility and also construct and develop a number of properties.

As well as bridging finance, Ashley Finance also provide business loans, and a range of invoice finance options for businesses in England and Wales.

For any enquiries about bridging finance, please contact Liam Cavanagh on 0161 233 6706 or email