Ashley Commercial Finance has launched Ashley Retail Finance for small retail businesses in England & Wales

  • Anil Kanda
  • 06 Sep, 2011

My business needs cash, Unlock your future sales potential and boost your profits. To cater for small retail businesses with merchant cash machines or PDQ terminals Ashley Retail Finance can make business cash advances for businesses with card turnover from £3,500 per month IN ADVANCE which is repayable over 6 months from future sales. Simple to set up with little paperwork. You will NOT have to change your existing PDQ terminal provider.

A few examples of eligible businesses…

Restaurants, pubs, hotels, hairdressers, bed and breakfasts, bike shops, MOT service centres, chemists, opticians, convenience stores, off licences, florists, shop-fitters, dentists and any other independent retail store.

What can I use the cash for?

You can use the the cash for any business need whether that is working capital, opening additional locations, renovation or refurbishment of your premises, equipment purchases, marketing and advertising bills, additional stock purchase, VAT, PAYE, wages, quarter day rent or any other business need you may have.

How does it work?

Commonly known as merchant cash advance or business cash advance – we provide your business with a lump sum based on YOUR FUTURE SALES which is paid back through credit and debit card receivables made using your Merchant Account or PDQ terminal typically over a 6 month period.

Because this lump sum is paid back at variable amounts linked to your monthly sales, it can help you manage your cash flow and deal with any fluctuations in business.

For more details or to start a “no cost application” go to Ashley Retail Finance