10 reasons to support your Local Businesses on Small Business Saturday

  • Anil Kanda
  • 06 Dec, 2013

Small Business Saturday started in the USA  3 years ago to encourage shoppers to ‘shop small’ on the run up to Christmas.  On 7th December the first Small Business Saturday will take place as an effort to encourage shoppers to shop in their local high streets and town centres.

This Saturday is a chance for consumers to show their support for their local high-street.

10 reasons to support your local business on Small Business Saturday:

1: You can get a good deal

In the spirit of the day, it is very likely that businesses will be doing special promotions and discounts; therefore you could save some money AND support your local traders at the same time!

2: Your local economy will benefit

For every £1 spent with a small business 63p was re-spent in the local area compared to 40p in every £1 spent with a larger business. Small businesses are vital to the success of the economy, from hair dressers, to chiropodists, to emergency plumbers, small businesses serve the needs of the local economy and provide services to the larger businesses, helping your local community and beyond!

3: You are keeping someone in a job

By spending money in your local high street you are paying a friend or neighbours salary. Small Businesses integrate into the local community and tailor services/products accordingly; therefore it is unlikely that a small business is going to move to a different city or country, therefore keeping jobs in your community.

4: The national economy will benefit

Small businesses play an important role in the UK economy. There were 4.9 million private sector businesses at the start of 2013 99.9% being SME’s who employ an estimated 14.4 million people (59.3% of private sector employment). Small businesses are vital for economic recovery and growth, and are leading the way in innovation and new job creation.

5: Small businesses need some good news.

Recently, in the small business world morale has been at an all time low. There has been little to boost the spirits of our local traders. With the rise of out-of-town shopping centres and the convenience of shopping online, small business owners are plagued with images of boarded up shop fronts and high streets reduced to ghost towns, not to mention struggling to gain access to finance, its no wonder that 38% of SMEs stated the economy is their biggest obstacle to success.

6: You may find something unique

Independent shops do the leg work for you; they have shopped around, selected an inventory of products and brought them to your doorstep. The great thing is, if you are struggling to find that unique gift, the chances are that the shop clerk can go above and beyond to help you make the right choice, and you can almost guarantee that no one else will have bought the same!

7: It’s much nicer than battling the Christmas crowds at a large shopping complex

Shopping locally removes the stress of one way systems, the lack of parking and playing human dodgems, it also removes the pressure of waiting for that it-should have-arrived-two-days-ago gift you got online!

8: Embrace your unique high street

Avoid the clone street. Imagine if your town had the same repetition of chain stores as the next town along, and the next…it would get quite boring wouldn’t it? And you chose to live in that area for a reason right?

9: Get better service

Ultimately, you will be served by a business owner or a family member who will know and be passionate about their products, and if you become a regular, you will have gained a friend and perhaps some great deals too!

10: We are a nation of shopkeepers.

When Napoleon called us “a nation of shopkeepers” he meant to insult us. However, it is a big part of our national identity and is of course something to be proud of.  Small businesses have endured the Blitz, 3 day weeks and the recent economic down turn and despite these hardships they continue to innovate, grow and assume ‘business as usual’.

Visit http://www.smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com/ for more information